You will need it on the next step. If you need to connect to another database, you will need to first acquire the appropriate JDBC driver and add it the application server’s classpath. To add a JDBC driver: Now you need to copy the driver the. Jaspersoft Studio has no driver for this database.

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If there is no query, the data source service has to provide the JRDatasource. You can create measures in the Domain Designer or in the Ad Hoc view. To create a custom data cushom using a query example: Create the connection globally or locally: Set the Time Zone field to the correct time zone for the data in the data base. Using the Domain ireporrt an Ad Hoc View: Jaspersoft Studio will use this name to refer to this connection. Below you will find some links that may assist you in finding the JDBC driver for your reporting database.

Products Solutions Services Resources. Otherwise, when testing the JDBC connection, a connection may not be allowed even though the username and password are correct. You can download the JDBC driver from your database vendor website. Right click the GlobalPropertiesList resource and select Edit from the context menu. Create New Wiki Page.


The resource ID is filled in automatically based on the name.

If the password is empty, it ccustom better if you specify that it be saved. When a user selects a custom data source type from the Type menu in the New Data Source dialog, they must enter values for any visible properties required to create the corresponding JRDataSource. Products Solutions Services Resources.

Connecting JasperReports Server to your Database

This also happens when defining a Domain that uses the custom data source, when creating or running an Ad Hoc view based on a Domain that uses the custom data source, or when viewing a dashboard that includes any of these. To test the samples and create or view reports: Browse to locate the jar you want to add. Parameters Not Correct for the Xustom If you try to establish a connection to a database with the wrong parameters for example, invalid credentials or inaccessible databasethe database returns a message is fairly explicit about the reason behind the failure of custtom connection.

Products Solutions Services Resources.

The system administrator superuser can add JDBC drivers for other databases in the following ways:. The JRDataSource is instantiated as follows: In JasperReports Server 5. Optionally, if you have input controls for reports that use this data source, instantiate and initialize the JRDataSource again to process the query jdc input controls.


Custom data sources are supported only with JDK 1.

Creating and Using Database JDBC Connections | Jaspersoft Community

After you’ve inserted all the data, click the Test button to verify the connection. An fairly easy way to test connectivity from the server to that database location with a irepotr user is to use a tool such as SquirrelSQL or another DB query tool to connect to the database from the same irepory as JasperServer.

Jaspersoft provides an example report that uses this data source; it is called sampleCDS. If everything’s okay, you’ll see this message: The filter expression must return a Boolean object: Eclipse secure storage — This is the correct option for security, but can be difficult to work with when testing and saving adapters.

This is why we recommend using JNDI, which allows you to configure an entire connection pool that resides within the container. As Jaspersoft Studio uses its own class loader, it’s enough to add resources such as jar files and directories containing classes to the Jaspersoft Studio classpath.