It is recommended that tapes recorded in the LP mode on this camcorder be played back on this camcorder. I think that’s what you already said. One of the top entry-level action cams gets even better One of the top entry-level action cams gets even better by Joshua Goldman. The camera shouldn’t see anything that you can’t, so IR will pollute red and make for odd colour response. I will admit I failed to register the implication of the little table with p written next to that mode, and everything else in that brochure implies HI-RES is recorded at 1, x The LCD monitor or viewfinder indications blink. The cassette holder opens automatically.

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I think that’s what you already said.

Just using a differently coloured filter and a different interpolation algorithm doesn’t explain it and neither does p7 of the brochure either. Fair pricing petition Home. Even when using the viewfinder, the protruding battery pack doesn’t get in the way.

I was also pleased to see your graph paper filming tests, which answered what would otherwise have been a question in my mind as a TRV owner!

Jvc GR-PD1 Manuals

Camera Specifications Print Standard. The more I hear and think about this camera, the less impressed I become.

And, hr-pd1 those feeling perverse, there’s even a regular DV mode at 50 frames per second, but the resolution is still x pixels. Yes, JVC haven’t written clearly, but all the more reason for not stating it definitively in a review!


Just so you don’t think we are overlooking this thread – James Morris, the reviewer, has been out of the country for a number of weeks but is back now and will respond once he’s managed to get himself settled back in. What’s different about this camera is that it oversamples vertically as well. For playback on a TV with a normal screen ratio.

As you may gather, I like your graph paper tests, and ggr-pd1 you gave 35mm still camera equivalent values for angle of view. Speaks mac there anything else s. We’re confident wider support will come from other editing software makers, but until then, the PD1 remains more limited than it could be.

It seems likely that HD will make it’s presence felt in the UK firstly through pre-recorded material, such as Blu-Ray. A cynical person may say “way of disguising bad figures on spec sheets” instead of “trick” My speculation was intended to be if the Sony camera would have true I suspect your post may be the tip of an iceberg with many more buyers out there feeling short changed.

Using a physically larger CCD has always meant a better image for the obvious reason that more light will fall on each pixel, making the camera more sensitive. We’ll have to agree to differ on what level of technical detail CV readers want.

JVC GR-PD1 Camcorder – Black | eBay

January 26, – The quality the system is capable of when used with computer editing systems is the most important thing. Use only the following batteries: Camcorder Slow Shutter Modes.


I will let you know as soon as I get a response. Jfc you said in an earlier post, there is a confusion between camera and tape system, and in my next review of this type I will try to make it clearer what I mean – which in this case was the CCD’s pixel resolution.

JVC GR-PD1 review in March CV

You may not be able to copy files from the memory card to gr-px1 PC without doing so. I think we’re just arguing over words now which won’t get us very far. Page of Go. James Morris [This message has been edited by cyberwest edited 29 January Lenses limit one to square format of say 4cmx4cm.

JVC GR-PD1 Camcorder – Black

First, the captured resolution. The world’s first prosumer camcorder aimed at High-Resolution widescreen holds two surprises – it’s single chip and it’s from JVC.

You are now ready to try Random Assemble Editing. The real shame is that you can’t actually capture jvvc edit the whole 1, x – although you’ll still get the benefit of operating in progressive mode.