Finally you can see the inside of the case. Essentially the BT consists 3 modules: This runs on the PDA and allows you to configure a number of items. Read on to find out. This is the second Bluetooth GPS that I ever used and was impressed with it’s battery life and performance.

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I assume that this houses the Bluetooth components, but once again this is shielded. One thing that I do like about the Palm Tungsten Display is the resolution.

The Probe was somewhat different as the cigar lighter socket is located in the centre console between g;s driver and the passenger. Enough whingeing it still works well if slightly irritatingly you are requested to select a Bluetooth device each time you connect. Not suitable for all cars, limited positioning. A new road opened one year ago was not on the map, neither was one opened two years ago. This means that a lot more information can be displayed on the screen.

It was exhausted finally after 11 hours and 28 minutes.

I really cant wait to get my hands on the Tungsten T3 at x that must really be something. Below is an extract from Dave’s review. This uses the same voltage and connector as your iPAQ so the same AC adapter can be used to charge both devices.


This is something which though not critical may affect the way we use the devices. This is in line with all Teleatlas provided data, and is not specific to Mapsonic. Cons Can suffer from vibration to a lesser extenthave been known to fall off. With the routes that I have tried out so far the routing was acceptable though, like most applications, not quite the same as the one I would have taken.

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Well in reality it is almost identical in size to the Emtac except that it is a bit deeper, this additional depth caters for the extra size of the battery.

Sitting here writing this review kifrio BT GPS is sitting on my windowsill and has a strong seven satellite fix.

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When I started testing the GPS receiver qualification had not been achieved, this has since been accepted on 25 June The currency of the map data supplied appeared somewhat out of date.

I put it through some pretty nasty environments, where you would expect a GPS to fail, and it did, but it surpassed my expectations.

The latest one is the BT from GlobalSat. The GPS devices chosen for the configuration perform exceptionally well in a variety of gos.

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The arms of the holder are spring loaded and each of the arms is hooked and has a foam pad. Emtac were the first with a Bluetooth GPS receiver and now they are starting kifrio come in thick and fast. So this was atmospheric conditions preventing the fix. Once again this is a GPS receiver that I am very familiar with.


GlobalSat BT bluetooth gps receiver review

Have any comments about this review? Well I have been using it for over a month and have got to know it quite well. Mapopolis handles Bluetooth GPS’s without a problem. It took me ages to try and work out what had failed, the documentation is not too good in this area. Over the last year we have yps lots of GPS hardware and software, but mainly reviewed products on PocketPC hardware.

I have been using Mapopolis every day for about a year and a half and now want to hook up to a GPS. This means that you have to create a number of maps and perform intermediate routing. I did eventually find the answer on the Michelin web site after I had solved the problem.

This will completely drain all the power from the receiver and kkrrio to factory defaults. While it did kierio pretty well, I had a few problems.