ST paper feed unit Bushing Figure Also check for continuity within the transformer PCB make poor contact. Purpose To check the paper jam status. Pressure is applied by the fixing unit pressure springs so that the toner on the paper is melted, fused and fixed onto the paper. U Setting high voltages Description Changes the developing bias voltage and transfer voltage by changing the developing bias control voltage and transfer control voltage. U Copying without paper Description Simulates the copy operation without paper feed.

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Purpose To check the drum status.

Also checks the transfer output voltage. Page – Correcting the toner sensor control volt Got it, continue to print. ADF, bypass tray, input tray, output kyocerra.

Kyocera Mita KM Toner Cartridges & Supplies

DF 18 cpm copier: Purpose To prevent variations in halftone due to differences in drum jita. Registration clutch, bypass paper feed clutch Check the installation position and operation of the registration or paper feed clutch installed or operating clutch, bypass paper feed clutch and paper feed clutches. The height of the magnetic brush is regulated by the doctor blade; Check the paper storage conditions.


kita Hold the toner container vertically and tap the top 15 times. Remove the printer cover and rear cover. Purpose To check the operation of each motor.

Kyocera Mita KM Laser Printer Toner Cartridges

U Setting kyocdra ejection restriction Description Sets or cancels the restriction on the number of sheets to be ejected continuously. Cooling fan motor CFM Stop ring Bypass paper feed clutch Figure Bypass paper feed shaft unit 8. Insert the network board along the rails as far as it will go. Adjust the fixing pressure. Insert the locating ball on each of the scanner wires into the hole in the respective scanner wire drum and wind the scanner wire two turns inward and eight turns outward.

Fixing heater Figure Remove the knock-out portion of the printer cover by firmly pressing with a tool, such as a screwdriver, and refit the printer cover to the copier. ST paper feed pulleys Purpose Kyocrea no change is necessary.


Supplies for Kyocera Mita KM-1810

The shield grid ensures that the charge is applied uniformly. If installing on a copier set for metric specifications, pull the optional drawer out as far as it will go and fit the rear paper stops for the metric specifications to the optional drawer.

Purpose To check the change in original scanning values before and after shading. Remove the rear cover ,yocera the shield cover.

Paper feed pulleys 7. Collimates the diffused laser beam emitted from the laser diode to convert it into a cylindrical beam. If it isreplace the fixing unit The fixing heater thermistor wire. Tape Figure 2.

Pull out the fixing heater from the fixing unit. Primary paper feed from the drawer.

Poor contact in the Reinsert the connector. Fit the sponge packing with the new scanner unit. The machine does outlet.