We can hardly contain our excitement, so check back often for bug fixes and added features. Japanese and Taiwanese locales only. Ok, here it is. Smartie was my first program i wrote and therefor isn’t quite the best kind of code. Also added a new pic. Displays the month as a number without a leading zero

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First of all my E-mail adres. Views Read Edit View history. It is made for winamp 3 users to get the winamp info into Smartue smartie. I didn’t know nothing offcourse and asked howmuch. Displays the month as a full smaryie January-December using the strings given by the LongMonthNames global variable.

To configure your LCD with this program just right click the display that appears on the set it up to your corresponding COM port and character display 20X4 and then input whatever text you’d like to display.

Here i will show a list of features and how to use them: He said that there were allready very good programs for linux, so he didn’t need to make a new one. S VFD and possibly other products from this manufacturer has been added.


LCD Smartie – Wikipedia

Smartie was my first program i wrote and therefor isn’t quite the best kind of code. Usually user gets a “No bridge function” message an the program kicks off plugin requests for. Don’t Have an Account?

LCD Smartie is now open-source! From Wikipedia, the lcx encyclopedia.

LCD Smartie

This means you all can start writing your own plugins now. Free software Liquid crystal displays Pascal software Windows software stubs. A Meedio Plugin by Harald Wagner. The Nokia is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. LCD Smartie is under development again for a new release The program support pages are moved to our new host!

This one is mounted on an easy to solder PCB. Displays the date using the format given by lcc ShortDateFormat global variable, followed by the time using the format given by the LongTimeFormat global variable. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

There is no continuous key scan. I also made a GotoTheme x and GotoScreen x function for your events. S VFD support added Mar v5. Same as degree, but ksb a full size usually black block Mail sign: Beta 2 and menu smwrtie alpha1 available for download. This is the new ‘time’ feature. A WinAmp title splitting plugin by Limbo. The topic of smatrie article may not meet Wikipedia’s notability guidelines for products and services.


The time is not displayed if the date-time value indicates midnight precisely. LCD Smartie is a relatively mature software and development of the main executable has slowed down considerably, most of the new features are introduced by new plugins which are released by both the core team and by the community.

When you call the dll you call it with 2 parameters. And he’s absolutly right if you ask me.