At menu scroll to restore factory or default settings. I did follow all the directions disconnected and connected USB, Power and even reintalled a couple of times. Do you have the same problem like me? Why can’t they face the fact So the idiot on the phone tells me to push down on this transparent tape behind the catridge carrier Probably costs like 10 bucks. I’m too lazy to call my town’s special pick-up garbage service to haul it away.

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Why is there no option on my printer to print address labels of any kind? If this plastic “arrow” is broken, chances are the small button underneath is not being actuated when the door is shut and the printer thinks the door is open. I am very disappointed with Lexmark and I doubt I will buy any of their products again. If I get the opportunity I am going to take this printer straight to you Lexmark and get group of people to protest not to buy anything from your company.

I then plugged everything back in, powered up and it worked both times. Really hope it works! Now I get the “Unlock scanner” message when I turn the printer on and a loud buzzing sound.


Lexmark X83 – multifunction printer (color) Overview – CNET

I cannot see the card to pull it out. I’ve cleaned everything I could inside of my printer, but it still says carrier stall. For it not printing color with a new cartridge, try cleaning off he contact inside the printer and on the cartridge itself and if it still doesn’t work you have a defective printer. Occasional problems were usually solved by re-booting the computer.

Hi, When I did a search for a solution to my printer problem, you asked the same exact question.

I agreed with them and told them that I was going to do just that, but it would not have a Lexmark logo on it. I don’t know if there is a problem with the software.

Lee Wtih much love to all!!!

My printer seems to work better when it is pluged into the primary USB port. When I turn off my computer it wont communcate with the printer anymore.

Told them I didn’t even get to run a pack of paper through it and had replaced the cartridges a couple of times etc. No one lxemark gets real help. I really don’t know what else to do except get a new printer. I uninstalled the software, pulled out the USB and power cables, reinstalled the software and downloaded a driver from Lexmark for the X85 printer. Really, don’t waste your time calling because they know less than you do about it.


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Right now it serves as a gigantic paperweight. I also reinstalled the software over and over and nothing seems to help. At least now, I have a fighting chance. Monthly Duty Cycle max. Unfortunately, the Lexmark web site bytes. What is “the trasparent tape” anyway??? Any help is much appreciated. I’ve reinstalled the print driver from the CD, and also downloaded and installed a new print drive from the Lexmark website. Lexmaek more Lexmarks for us.

Please let me know if you fixed your problem with the unlock scanner situation. I keep coming up with error Throw the printer away use the proper disposal facility. The card got out of alignment and caused a jam. Do you know what is wrong???