If your hardware is not listed, you may need to experiment. The instructions below were written for version 1. You can look at the install script to see where new files were added. Sun May 20, 8: Interesting result, but not what I was really looking at anyway.

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Next problem is that my backlight keys are broken.

Fix suspend If suspend does not work for you, there are various quirk options you can try. But, I bought a lap, and I deserve support of the hardware, as in software-drivers for that hardware.

Also, comment out the entire section “Check to make sure SELinux is disabled”. As I mentioned, the copies of both the X driver and kernel module in moblin.

Note that I only give examples for a single head system.

Please help improve this article if you can. The further you dive down the rabbit hole, the odder things get.

You can automate it in a script: I am a total newbie in linux world, so I am writting this, to ask how to install Intel GMA drivers. First of all, make the file executable: Ubuntu packages A crafty person has created Ubuntu packaged, check out https: Issues with version 1. IntelEmbeddedMediaGraphicsDriver last modified Option 4 – Update kernel The final option is to use the Sun May 20, A rudimentary no 3D poulsbi driver was added to Linux 2. The examples below will feature x, but be sure to change it to the actual resolution of your screen.


Did you try various boot parameters in grub?

GMA (Poulsbo) gma_gfx

April 6th, 1. This is presumably because Tungsten have been supporting PowerVR chips for a long time, so they know their way around the hardware.

It is now beyond my experience to advise any further. Drizzit Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: So, the driver was written, and included in the special-sauce version of Ubuntu that Pkulsbo uses, and also in Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

I also cannot change my resolution x to lower like x With the older version from Moblin git, it just freezes on X startup. THE current cy in Documentation: No hardware acceleration, though, so don’t expect to do anything fancy graphics-wise.

Poulsbo – Phoronix

Unfortunately the support for this hardware is extremely limited on Linux. Views Read Edit View history. I did not even find any good menu editor for Linux Mint until now, since now two years Mint usage of mine. What is less funny, even, is to see, that Intel cares a u know ,inux about old HW they did.


Poulsbo/GMA500 Linux support

With no other information. Sorry for this lazy hack. Here is what to do to use modesetting: After running your lunux will have a new driver for Xorg: All it really ought to be is a few files which should have rapidly been merged into Mesa upstream.