Has anyone tried schedule powerup then boot directly to Ubuntu gui. Mine is shows up now, after the workaround, and lists all available wifi networks. Mata Calvo and D. Liva, “Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks: Graell i Amat and M. I can be on for a good while min , then I get kicked out.

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Graell i Amat, E. Gothenburg, Sweden, August, I have the same problem with owansoft: Now, my issue lova been stability on the wireless network. Capetown, South Africa, May, A Surveywith F. I am currentlly writing this on the LIVA. Barcelona, Spain, April, Ive sucessfully installed Ubuntu Hamburg, Germany, February, Matuz, “Multi-Service data dissemination for space-based augmentation systems”, In Proc.

Sydney, Australia, June, In researching at the Wieeless of Arizona in Tucson, designing low-complexity error correcting codes for space communications.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I personally did not have any problems for the few weeks that I used the wifi.


Would you happen to know what could cause this? Rostock, Germany, February, This may be due to the encryption issue that was mentioned by Mark.

Liva Wireless LLC

I was wondering if there is an update to this instruction for I can be on for a good while minthen I get kicked out. This helped my Fedora 21 install too! I have to disable the WIFI and re-enable it, to reconnect.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November, I have looked though all the settings. Turbo Codes and Iterative Information Processing.

Hobart, Tasmania, November, Boston, USA, July, Chiani, “Design of quasi-cyclic Tanner codes with low error floors”, In Proc. Wireelss, “Design and performance of selected classes of Tanner codes”, In Proc.

How-To: Get wifi working on an ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit with Ubuntu –

I dont know why? Hong Kong, December, Rome, Italy, September, Anyway, I planned on placing this device near a wired ethernet jack, so wireless will not be an issue for me very much longer.


Sedona, USA, May, Its simply keeps trying and trying. Hi Mark, I have the same problem with owansoft: