But it’s always easy to reach the highest velocity. I haven’t had any problems yet. The uses of this MIDI controller are far and wide and you can get exact as you’d like when using this. It’s really easy to make your own templates too. Also, the amount of programable buttons and faders certainly helped me decide on this unit. The keyboard seems well built.

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I also have M-audio’s Axiom 61 much better in the way of craftsmanship but doesn’t have the weighted keys and I also used to own a Korg TR It is very difficult to make a soft sound it tends to make things sound harder than you hit it.

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User reviews: M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 – Audiofanzine

I have experimented with different built-in velocity curves but the problem persists. Aueio happens every time I sit down and play it, but it only happens the first time you strike the key and then it is fine and its not all the keys, but quite a few. As for channel and patch selection, that is also something you keystatikn to assign with a program, at least thats how I did it I use mainstage, and if you are a mac user, so should you because it rocks!!!


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The manual that came with it was pretty sad auido, Not to mention the software that came with my version was corrupt and i never did get to try it. What I don’t like about it is I have noticed some poor craftsmanship. I wanted an note keyboard that provided a heavier playing feel than a synth.

The features are incredible, you auudio have total control over everything. Its kind of like an in between of the two different types of keys. It is usb bus powered which is very helpful. You wont be able to do those quick sliding melodies and synth lines with this board because the keys are too heavy. Feels really heavy for a MIDI controller, so it must be pretty well built. The keyboard is also amazingly light when you take into account that the krystation are semi-weighted. When I first saw this I thought it would be much more expensive than it is, as it is quite reasonably priced.

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Log in Become a member. Our members also liked: I highly suggest this as a smart buy for anyone using Reason software. I use this keyboard for the studio as well as performance and it suits all my needs.


Seems pretty damn solid to me. The uses of this MIDI controller ieystation far and wide and you can get exact as you’d like when using this.

M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 Midi Controller

Now that I am getting use to the Pro 88, I am digging it, but at first I definitely liked the Korg’s better overall. The several velocity curves provide different feels depending on the sound you’re using. But it has pretty much everything else you could want. I’ll give it a 9 since the faders aren’t motorized like I hoped.

Write a user review. But I bought a demo device and I’m expecting to get a new one. You can control anything you’d like when it comes to using this with a computer. Keysstation the price is a little high for a midi keyboard like this when there are a ton of others on the market that will suite you better. The only cons are: Nice hammer action keys, pretty sturdy built controller. The keyboard seems well built. It also works great for controlling rack modules if you want to use this on the go.