Originally Posted by Joey-T Good advice in this thread for those who may want one but are not familiar with them. It’s air over hydraulic and only single circuit which means if you’ve got less than 60psi in the air system or one wheel cylinder leaking enough, you have no brakes. Mount a rotor to the PTO and add a caliper and you can have brakes on the axle. I noticed some posts from members on the forum who were considering or were set on buying an M35 2. They are indeed very concerned about the hobby and do not want some “survival nut” ruining it for them. Sign In or Sign Up.

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The owner explains this is because with three people in the cab, then daiky cruising gear would be away from the center occupant for a little more comfort. Originally Posted by jrou BTW the engine has a lot eaily shortcomings. These vehicles are antiques, so they are basically hobbies.

I remember me and some friends driving 3 of them to my house in a “convoy”, and lots of people saluted us. Chris BruceEditor. If you’ve got mud with water running through it or bottomless mud forget it.

If you have questions about a military vehicle, ask, but do not talk dehce bugging out or whatever. In order to be able to post messages on the Survivalist Forum forums, you must first register. The brake system is a PITA. Joey-T 2nd Amendment supporter. You guys have talked me out of it.


So you’re thinking about buying a deuce? – Survivalist Forum

Disaster Preparedness General Discussion. Send a private message to rynosurf.

Frankly, I’ve read so much stuff on this forum that I am getting bored. They do not even want people to bring up the term “bug out vehicle” over there.

M35 Deuce And A Half 6X6 Will Redefine Your Idea Of Rugged

Thanks for the info, I have considered getting one, there are a few for sale here locally. The compromise of this capability is a lack of output because the big engine makes just horsepower 94 kilowatts and pound-feet Newton-meters of torque. I deucce food stored, guns, and ammo–now it is time to do something really off the wall.

The M35 carries the long-held military nickname “deuce and a half” for trucks capable of carrying at least 5, pounds or 2. Pinion brakes are fine for a rock crawler, but the pinion spins 6. I have been a member of steelsoldiers for about 4 months now, lots of great resources, however do not bring up survivalism, prepping there Originally Posted by Joey-T Good advice in this thread for those who daoly want one but are not familiar with them. Send a private message to Joey-T.

Send a private message to vegasrandall. There’s a lot of “pre-flight” inspection to check over before and after you fire up the dajly. Originally Posted by jrou M is the 2. The stock NDT raily have no lateral traction for driving on side sloped terrain. I already have most of the tools as I have a tractor and a backhoe which requires pretty big stuff, and daiy to handle the weight of components. The axle seals need to be changed out every few thousand miles and the lube points require regular attention.


On the other hand, driving a deuce is fun. A fellow MV enthusiast drove his deuce onto a base to pick up some stuff from auction, and the guards waved him through without checking ID or stopping.

Retired Army Sergeant shows why you need to own a M35 deuce and a half

dakly However, the locked differentials mean that this is only safe to do off-road without wrecking the mechanicals. Off road, they kinda suck compared to smaller 4×4’s.

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Originally Posted by Rabble Thanks for the info, I have considered getting one, there are a few for sale here locally. Since I cannot build my own personal bunker, I want to get this truck.