Thank you so much. The 8-outputs are assigned to the 4 stereo PGM channels, so that you can stream audio from your computer straight into the channel strips. No big deal, just a bit out of the ordinary. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. My initial annoyance at seeing a US power cord with my review model was misplaced, as the power supply is a VAC with IEC fitting – meaning no hassle wherever you are in the world.

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Click on the down arrow underneath each Letter designating the Decks to change this setting. Then move onto timecode control if that works. The main balanced outputs have a pad function so you can run the outputs into another mixer pre-amp if required, and the unbalanced main outputs have a switch to bypass the main level control so you can have an untouched feed for recording purposes.

Traktor Scratch with Mackie D4 Pro | NI Community Forum

There is all that is, little more than a firewire port for my traktor scratch pro. Other than disabling any other soundcards you have in the system via the BIOS, checking device manager for conflicts and reinstalling XP, I’m struggling for ideas now tbh. Check over Output Routing. After the Firewire issues I had with the Korg Zero 8, I was pdo bit anxious that my relatively new laptop would never handle Firewire audio in a sensible way.


The crossfader contour is adjustable from a sharp cut through to a 3dB dipped profile, though interestingly the rotary control for the contour seems to have separate zones for the adjustment. As has Premire view, I would say no.

SKRATCHWORX – Mackie d.4 Pro – Review by Deft – March

When testing, just checking that you are mac,ie control vinyl on the deck, bringing up the channel and pressing play? The computer asked for the driver for the mixer’s firewire card. Each of the PGM strips has a push button switch at its input connectors that allows you to select where the audio is tapped off from.

I will post the results here. I’m running Hz and 2. It might be worth trying to load up the Traktion software that should have come with the mixer from Mackie or another app to see if that works thro the firewire.

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If the FW signal is present it should show up here, even if the routing is incorrect. From here, I guess my question is I purchased brand new cables. I can’t remember the exact problem but it was either the 4 to 6 pin firewire adapter or a cable I bought with ppro 4 to 6 pin adapter built in not working correctly – I remember that only 1 jackie them worked for me, I just can’t remember which 1 tho. The Infinium is extremely light feeling, with no real weight to it at all.


Your directions were pretty well explained. When I placed the needle on brand new timecode records I could not get the program to calibrate to the record. There are input gain controls prl go fully to off if required, and a 3-band EQ with blue backlighting.

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Can not listen to headphones I posted all the info u require for some1 else a while back now I think you resureccted a thread of his here this week too lol http: HippieApr 7, Would anyone be willing upload a screen shot for the D. We first caught a glimpse of the d4 way back in Septemberso there has been a hefty wait for the real production models to start shipping.

I can’t quite decide whether blue LEDs are cool or tacky, so I’ll let those more qualified than me be the judge of that. The 8-outputs are assigned to the 4 stereo PGM channels, so that you can stream audio from your computer straight into the channel strips.

When I clicked it, nothing happened. Not satisfied with those reviews? I need your help. Would like to get this working.