I purchased my W approximately 3 months ago. The LG Dare is back in stock. I’d buy another one like it. As a result, I could not get my AOL mail. Aug 18, Motorola Cell Phones. But redundantly, the when you select “Menu,” the first menu screen is Contacts.

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Motorola W755 Review

It fits conveniently in any pocket or purse without weighing you down. But there also will be consumers who purchase a 1GB card and, in a few weeks realize they should have gone with a 4GB card, the maximum the W can accept. Hitting the center action button when you get to the number just puts the phone in edit mode.

If you are interested in using our specs maac, check out our Phone specs database licensing page. The little plastic plugs covering the Mc and phone jacks are hard to pull out you need good fingernails mad a pocket knife and very likely over time — maybe weeks — break off which will make the jacks look like motorola w original RAZR anyway so why the mfr even bothered is beyond me.

Basic features aren’t so basic anymore, and this phone mottorola a prime example of the kinds of goodies you can get for not a lot of money. I would not buy any of the Razors because they felt flimsy and were falling apart for my friends that had active life styles.


The cost for this is about 35 bucks but you may be able to find an older version for less. I don’t listen to music on any phone.

Motorola Motorola Moto E U. This phone has no scratch, no dent and no damage.

They should all unzip to a file called F5U in the C: But I’ve never been a fan of this so-far, half-baked technology. The phone size is perfect, more compact than my other phones but not too small to hold and operate efficiently. Reception motorola w even with max motorola w — is crappy. You can search by feel for the Media Center; it buzzes when you get to it.

As noted, there is no dedicated music activation key on the W, but there are two shortcuts:. Date approved – Shows the w75 when the particular phone is approved mktorola the Federal Communications Commission.

Motorola MOTO W specs

Sturdy flip phone hinge and metal sides. Take, for instance, the Motorola W, available from Verizon. Among the W’s other camera options are 3-5- and second self-timers; brightness and white balance controls; and, choice of four shutter sounds, including silent. Lisa- Google Play music is stored in the Cloud. And, like most voice command options, operation was hit or miss. Thats just ,otorola retarded thing if you have a real MP3 Player.


Motorola Moto W755 – Purple (Verizon) Cellular Phone

Our LG phones don’t have that problem. Please enter a valid email address. Some carriers will not max you transfer photos directly off their phones, you have to upload them to the web and then copy them off. Accessed 28 December If the driver is unzipping, but the unit is not working, you need to manually update the drivers. Tablet tools Tablet finder New tablets Popular tablets Compare tablets. Omtorola can program the phone to store pictures in its generous 70MB internal memory or to an up to 4GB external microSD card.

Of course, the inclusion of a dedicated “Music” side or keypad button could have solved all these workarounds. I would buy another one if something happens to my wife’s current phone.

Now to the W To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. Any Condition Any Condition. Select “Yes” at the prompt, then enter in the PIN field.