Top 10 for Orndorff’s feud with Hulk Hogan in — is a highlight of his career. This led to a brief six man tag team alliance between Orndorff, Payne, and Chris Benoit. Hogan has since apologized for the comments and WWE appears to be slowly warming back up toward the Hulkster and putting him on the payroll once again. Hogan took to his Twitter page to explain why he doesn’t like the dangerous move. Retrieved June 8, Online World Of Wrestling.

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Paul Parlette Orndorff Jr.

Paul Orndorff betrays his tag team partner Hulk Hogan: Championship Wrestling, July 19, | WWE

Retrieved July 20, I think the whole verboten nature of a piledriver in Memphis has me woderful Lawer’s as particularly vicious, but that is probably just my memories as a child kicking in. Orndoff beat Tim Horner [26] and Robert Gibson [26] in the preliminary rounds to advance to the finals of the tournament.

Orndorff won the gold on June 20, Rumors continue to persist that Hogan is on the verge of being brought back to the WWE following his exile from the company in after the revelation that he had used racial slurs on an unauthorized sex tape. Before the team left the ring, they also took a couple of shots at the Nasty Boys for good measure.

Adonis kept on irritating Orndorff, going so far as daring Paul Orndorff to prove just how close his relationship with Hulk Hogan really was. The champions retained, [39] but a week later the championship changed hands when Stars and Stripes got the piledrjver.


Wonderful was riddled with self-doubt, until one night, after beating himself up backstage after yet another loss, he was visited by psychic Gary Spivey.

Paul Orndorff

When Studd and Bundy started to double team Hogan, Orndorff did not help out; he looked like he had hurt his eye in the collision. Retrieved October 22, The Dudes backed Sting in his fight with the Four Horsemen.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Paul Orndorff. Their matches included a memorable outdoor match in Toronto which drew an estimated 76, fans. This would be the only time that Orndorff and Hogan would be matched piledrjver each other during the latter’s WCW run.

Hulk Hogan Says Just Say No to the Piledriver

Register – Forgot Password. Orndorff earned a shot at the North American champion The Grappler but on the day of the match he overslept storyline and was incensed when his replacement Jake “The Snake” Roberts beat the Grappler for the title.

Main event — WWE in the raging wonferful 4th ed. Retrieved June 7, Paul has a younger brother Ray, who competed on the independent circuit.

Wrestling Title Histories 4th ed. This time, Roma took it a step further and attacked Erik Watts before announcing that he was now teaming with Paul Orndorff. One incident especially stands out that established Pretty Wonderful in the title chase.


Orndorff got the better of Mantell and won the rights to use the Freebird hair removal cream on Mantell. On May 3,Orndorff fought in his first match since Top 10 for Hogan took to his Twitter page to explain why he doesn’t like the dangerous move. During the Hogan feud, Orndorff seriously injured his right arm in a weightlifting accident. Orndorff signed with the World Wrestling Federation in late and made his debut in November of that year on Championship Wrestling.

Inhe made his debut for the WWF, portraying a narcissistic bad guy and was part of the main event of the first ever WrestleMania show.

Orndorff’s frustrations were further fueled by Adrian Adoniswho took every opportunity that he could to mock Orndorff including referring to him as “Hulk Jr. Brandy has a wondergul named Richard Cusumano, whom she has 5 children with. Orndorff wonderfkl Hogan started teaming up to feud with Piper and Orton, facing them in tag team competition all over the country.

Retrieved April 7, In actuality, Orndorff was forced to retire due to his previous injuries in the WWF, with the entire right side of his body beginning to atrophy eventually causing his arm and leg muscles to shrink.