Just one click of the GEDX’ S-Bar hotkey calls up all functions onto the screen, so you can control everything from the webcam, projector, network, and Bluetooth to volume control, screen brightness, and standby mode. MSI apparently has a lot of the production of various gaming notebook series. Maybe with a bit of a memory upgrade to 4GB or 8GB, can make this notebook a racing engine. For weight and dimensions are still able to carry it because the weight is still under 3kg. Shortcuts to shut off power to idle hardware:

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Anticipate a weight of about 2. The nVidia PhysX technology offers the serious gamer some seriously realistic visuals. MSI Notebook GEDX – Everyone wants a notebook with a high performance system and a complete specification as well as with superior features in the game for entertainment when I want to relax. We wanted to test the ability of the existing DX11 graphics card that came in and did a benchmark using the game Lost Planet 2 and Unigine Heaven.

The company announced on Wednesday that it will soon be ready to release yet another gaming notebook with specs and connectivity options galore.

The dimensions of the MSI GEDX not so special because diusungnya form factor not much different from the notebook with inch screen. Now, you can experience sounds like you’ve never heard them before in an NB computer. Hard disk capacity can be quite extensive if it has to install a variety of games ge62d0x store various multimedia files. With a 15 inch display with HD resolution, making you will linger in front of him to watch the movie Full HDP comfortably.


cameraa When I’m not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the eSports scene and the latest gaming news. You’ll have so much fun gaming, a hundred orcs won’t be able to drag you away from your laptop.

Viewing angle is also quite good because the screen does not change the excessive degradation of color when viewed from the left and right. Diusungnya sound is not as his brother is in fe620dx higher series, but tough enough to vote in the average notebook on the other.

Designed with you in mind USB3. You get a notebook with Full HD display with a specification that is capable to play 3D games well. Find the answer here with details.

Shortcuts to shut off power to idle hardware: In addition, the GEDX supports DirectX 11 for higher resolution, ge20dx you to see, for example, details of distant buildings for more realistic gaming. With these specifications, you can take this notebook with you to fight or chase and kill the zombies that approach you. After graduating with a B.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Feature Tesselation is a lethal weapon for the graphics card because these features will create a 3D image is more prominent.


Trackpad on this notebook feels quite big so you’ll never run out of space when doing multi-touch movement. Notebook chassis design that is completely new. Please share our article, every link counts! HDMI port would be very useful if you are not satisfied to play or watch full HD content on a screen of You will find as many as two USB3.

Intel Core i5 Processor M 2. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Realistic multimedia experience Top cinema-grade sound: The chiclet keys on this notebook can boost performance of MSI GEDX, but this is a great enemy of gamers because of cross-section was small.

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Best Displaysfor University Students. FPS gained still comfortable on the eyes in DX9 and DX10 In this racing game, you’ll likely have dreamed of using DX11 settings because it can not run smoothly on high settings and Ultra.

Battery Power mAh battery for this notebook powerful enough to turn over 3 hours when used HDP movie. With the results obtained, you will be able to play many 3D games well at high settings and a specific resolution.