Administrative tools is where to find it, I think. I’ll try the boot-from-CD Linux options when I have a bit more time, and if the problem persists. And do try another OS I’ve turned off Superfetch and about to reboot. Are they in any RAID-config?

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MSI K9VGM-V MS-7253 MS 7253 MS7253 mATX Motherboard AMD socket AM2 PCI-E SATA RAID

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K9VGM-V (How Do I Setup Raid 0)

Please confirm and adjust your memory setting in the BIOS accordingly for better system stability. Sorry for the double sara – but an update: The problem occurs during normal Windows operation not from Standby – Windows shuts down the hard drives after a period of inactivity – normally about 20 minutes. Hope this extra bit of information helps. After that, it’s fine EDIT: Supports the memory size up to 4GB Supports 1.


Also, do try with Windows XP raod with a good Linux distro to reproduce this behaviour. ATX pin power connector.

I tried Knoppix today, and there was no freezing issue though I couldn’t be sure if the drives were turning off! BIOS readings aren’t always acurate. You’re in control Pick a loan that fits your budget. Short of re-installing Windows – any other ideas?

Socket Type see all. I’ve just reinstalled Vista.

What about the way your system is running now? Product availability information provided on our website is accurate up to one day and in most cases is sufficient to determine actual product k9vgk-v. Just did a search on Yahoo, and came up with this: Number of Memory Slots see all. There was no slowdown on accessing the file or re-waking the drive.

The availability information is present on the product pages in form of the following inventory statuses:. Compatible CPU Brand see all. Item pull out from good computer tested and fully work. When placing orders for bulk quantities we highly recommend to contact us to get precise availability information before placing ksi order.


K9VGM-V, AM2, VIA K8M890, DDR2-800 4GB /2, PCIe x16, SATA RAID /2, VGA, Audio, LAN, mATX, Retail

There was something I raix to mention: It does this in the following combinations: Join Our Mailing List. Many thanks in advance for your help.

Let’s hope for the best. Actually I think saat have a software problem, but I can’t pinpoint it. Scroll Back to Top menu. I just tried to open a file on the other drive which is now on port 1 after leaving the drive so that it ‘goes to sleep’.

While it springs back to life the rest of the machine freezes and often crashes out.